PART I. General Health
    Chapter 1. Administration of Vital Records   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4. Head Injury Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5. Clinical Laboratories   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6. Drugs Which May Be Used by Certain Optometrists   (View pdf)
    Chapter 7. Primary Health Centers under the Health Care Services Malpractice Act   (View pdf)
    Chapter 8. Practice and Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 9. Managed Care Organizations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 10. Designation of Medically Deprived Areas   (View pdf)
 PART II. Local Health
    Chapter 11. Sanitary and Health Officers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 13. Personnel Administration in County Health Departments   (View pdf)
    Chapter 15. State Aid to Local Health Departments   (View pdf)
    Chapter 17. Standards for Environmental Health Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 18. Public Swimming and Bathing Places   (View pdf)
    Chapter 19. Organized Camps and Campgrounds   (View pdf)
    Chapter 20. Tenement, Lodging and Boarding Houses   (View pdf)
 PART III. Prevention of Diseases
    Chapter 21. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 23. School Health   (View pdf)
    Chapter 25. Controlled Substances, Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics   (View pdf)
    Chapter 27. Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases   (View pdf)
    Chapter 28. Screening and Follow-Up for Diseases of the Newborn   (View pdf)
    Chapter 29. Miscellaneous Health Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 30. Blood Banks   (View pdf)
 PART IV. Health Facilities
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 51. General Information   (View pdf)
    Chapter 53. Photo Identification Badges   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. General and Special Hospitals
    Chapter 101. General Information   (View pdf)
    Chapter 103. Governance and Management   (View pdf)
    Chapter 105. Admission and Discharge   (View pdf)
    Chapter 107. Medical Staff   (View pdf)
    Chapter 109. Nursing Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 111. Dietetic Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 113. Pharmacy Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 115. Medical Record Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 117. Emergency Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 119. Outpatient Services and Short-Term Procedure Units   (View pdf)
    Chapter 121. Social Work Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 123. Anesthesia and Respiratory Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 125. Laboratory Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 127. Radiology Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 129. Nuclear Medicine Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 131. Rehabilitation Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 133. Special Care Units   (View pdf)
    Chapter 135. Surgical Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 136. Open Heart Surgical Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 137. Obstetrical Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 138. Cardiac Catheterization Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 139. Neonatal Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 141. Dental Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 143. Podiatry Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 145. Professional Library Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 146. Infection Control   (View pdf)
    Chapter 147. Environmental Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 149. Central Supply Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 151. Fire, Safety and Disaster Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 153. Initial Construction and Continuing Operating Standards   (View pdf)
    Chapter 155. Psychiatric Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 157. [Reserved and Renumbered]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 158. Vital Organ Transplantation Services   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Long-Term Care Facilities
    Chapter 201. Applicability, Definitions, Ownership and GeneralOperation of Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 203. Application of Life Safety Code for Long-Term CareNursing Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 205. Physical Plant and Equipment Standards for Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 207. Housekeeping and Maintenance Standards for Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 209. Fire Protection and Safety Programs for Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 211. Program Standards for Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 213. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 215. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 217. [Reserved]    (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Health Planning
    Chapter 301. Limitation on Federal Participation for Capital Expenditures   (View pdf)
    Chapter 401. Certificate of Need Program   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Birth Centers
    Chapter 501. Birth Centers   (View pdf)
  Subpart F. Ambulatory Surgical Facilities
    Chapter 551. General Information   (View pdf)
    Chapter 553. Ownership, Governance and Management   (View pdf)
    Chapter 555. Medical Staff   (View pdf)
    Chapter 557. Quality Assurance and Improvement   (View pdf)
    Chapter 559. Nursing Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 561. Pharmaceutical Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 563. Medical Records   (View pdf)
    Chapter 565. Laboratory and Radiology Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 567. Environmental Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 569. Fire and Safety Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 571. Construction Standards   (View pdf)
    Chapter 573. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart G. Home Health Care Agencies
    Chapter 601. Home Health Care Agencies   (View pdf)
  Subpart H. Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries
    Chapter 611. Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries   (View pdf)
 PART V. Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
    Chapter 701. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 704. Staffing Requirements for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Activities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 705. Physical Plant Standards   (View pdf)
    Chapter 709. Standards for Licensure of Freestanding Treatment Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 710. Drug and Alcohol Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 711. Standards for Certification of Treatment Activities Which are a Part of a Health Care Facility   (View pdf)
    Chapter 713. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 715. Standards for Approval of Narcotic Treatment Program   (View pdf)
 PART VI. Health Care Cost Containment Council
    Chapter 903. Appeals Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 911. Data Submission and Collection   (View pdf)
    Chapter 912. Data Reporting Requirements   (View pdf)
    Chapter 913. Payor Data Reporting Requirements   (View pdf)
    Chapter 915. Data Access Criteria and Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 931. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
 PART VII. Emergency Medical Services
  Subpart A. EMS System
    Chapter 1001. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1003. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1005. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1007. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1009. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1011. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1013. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1015. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1021. Administration of the EMS System   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1023. Personnel   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1025. Education   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1027. EMS Agencies   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1029. Medical Command Facilities and Receiving Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1031. Complaints, Disciplinary Actions, Adjudications and Appeals   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1033. Special Event EMS   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Matters Anciliary to Emergency Medical Services Systems
    Chapter 1051. Out-of-Hospital Do-Not-Recuscitate Orders   (View pdf)
 PART VIII. Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC Program)
    Chapter 1101. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1103. Authorization of Stores   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1105. Requirements for WIC Authorized Stores   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1107. Sanctions.   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1109. Administrative Appeals   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1111. Applicant and Participant Appeals   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1113. Store Appeals   (View pdf)
 PART IX. Medical Marijuana
    Chapter 1131. Safe Harbor Letter—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1141. General Provisions —Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1151. Growers/Processors—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1161. Dispensaries—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1171. Laboratories—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1181. Physicians and Practitioners—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1191. Patients and Caregivers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1210. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1211. Clinical Registrants and Academic Clinical Research Centers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1230. Practice and Procedure—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)

Cross References

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