PART I. Department of Labor and Industry
    Chapter 1. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3a. Boiler and Unfired Pressure Vessel Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5. Blasting, Demolition, Fireworks and Explosives   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6. Construction and Repairs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 7. Elevators, Lifts, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Hoists andTramways   (View pdf)
    Chapter 9. Employment and Wages   (View pdf)
    Chapter 11. Employment of Minors   (View pdf)
    Chapter 13. Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas   (View pdf)
    Chapter 14. Flammable and Combustible Liquids; Preliminary Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 14a. Storage and Use of Flammable and Combustible Liquids   (View pdf)
    Chapter 15. Grandstands   (View pdf)
    Chapter 17. Industrial Home Work   (View pdf)
    Chapter 19. Industries—Food and Drink   (View pdf)
    Chapter 21. Ladders   (View pdf)
    Chapter 23. Laundering and Dyeing Establishments   (View pdf)
    Chapter 25. Lifting and Carrying Apparatus   (View pdf)
    Chapter 27. Lighting   (View pdf)
    Chapter 29. Mechanical Apparatus—Miscellaneous   (View pdf)
    Chapter 31. Migrant Labor   (View pdf)
    Chapter 33. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 35. Paints   (View pdf)
    Chapter 37. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 38. Building Energy Conservation Standards   (View pdf)
    Chapter 39. Safety Standards—General   (View pdf)
    Chapter 41. Sanitation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 43. Tunnel Construction and Compressed Air Work   (View pdf)
    Chapter 45. Woodworking and Related Operations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 47. Miscellaneous Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 49. Administration—Buildings   (View pdf)
    Chapter 50. General Requirements—Buildings   (View pdf)
    Chapter 51. A-1 Assembly   (View pdf)
    Chapter 52. Division A-2 Assembly   (View pdf)
    Chapter 53. Division A-3 Assembly   (View pdf)
    Chapter 54. Group B Educational   (View pdf)
    Chapter 55. Division C-2 Hotels, Motels, Apartment Buildings, Etc.    (View pdf)
    Chapter 56. Division C-3 Small Group Habitation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 57. Division C-4 Single Exit Apartments   (View pdf)
    Chapter 58. Division D-O Ordinary Commercial, Industrial, Office   (View pdf)
    Chapter 59. D-H Hazardous Commercial, Industrial, Office   (View pdf)
    Chapter 60. Universal Accessibility Standards   (View pdf)
 PART II. Bureau of Employment Security
  Subpart A. Unemployment Compensation
    Chapter 61. Administration   (View pdf)
    Chapter 63. Responsibilities of Employers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 65. Employee Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 67. Statements of Policy   (View pdf)
 PART III. Bureau of Social Security for Public Employees
    Chapter 71. Plan for Social Security Benefits   (View pdf)
 PART IV. Apprenticeship and Training Council
    Chapter 81. Equal Opportunity in Apprenticeship Programs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 83. Welfare of Apprentices   (View pdf)
 PART V. Labor Relations Board
    Chapter 91. Private and Public Employees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 93. Private Employees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 95. Public Employees   (View pdf)
 PART VI. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review
    Chapter 101. General Requirements   (View pdf)
 PART VII. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board
    Chapter 111. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure Before the Workmen’s Compensation Appeal Board   (View pdf)
 PART VIII. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
    Chapter 121. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 122. General Provisions of Act 57 of 1996—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 123. General Provisions—Part II   (View pdf)
    Chapter 125. Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance   (View pdf)
    Chapter 126. Health Care Under the Workers’ Compensation Act—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 127. Workers’ Compensation Medical Cost Containment   (View pdf)
    Chapter 129. Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety   (View pdf)
    Chapter 130. Occupational Disease Under the Workers’ Compensation Act—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 131. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure Before Workers’ Compensation Judges   (View pdf)
    Chapter 141. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 143. [Reserved].   (View pdf)
 PART IX. State Board of Vocational Rehabilitation [Reserved]
 PART X. Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety
    Chapter 201. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 203. Lead-Based Paint Occupation Accreditation andCertification   (View pdf)
 PART XI. Prevailing Wage
    Chapter 211. Prevailing Wage Division   (View pdf)
    Chapter 213. Prevailing Wage Appeals Board   (View pdf)
 PART XII. Bureau of Labor Law Compliance
    Chapter 221. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 225. Prohibition of Excessive Overtime in Health Care Act Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 231. Minimum Wage   (View pdf)
 PART XIII. Worker and Community Right-to-Know Act
    Chapter 301. Jurisdiction, Definitions, Exemptions and Administrative Matters   (View pdf)
    Chapter 303. Preparation of Hazardous Substance and Environmental Hazard Survey Forms   (View pdf)
    Chapter 305. Maintenance and Disclosure of Survey Forms and Lists   (View pdf)
    Chapter 307. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)   (View pdf)
    Chapter 309. Labeling of Substances   (View pdf)
    Chapter 311. Posting of Notices and Other Information   (View pdf)
    Chapter 313. Employer Educational and Training Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 315. Health and Exposure Records   (View pdf)
    Chapter 317. Trade Secrets   (View pdf)
    Chapter 319. Protection of Employees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 321. Enforcement Procedures and Penalties   (View pdf)
    Chapter 323. Hazardous Substance List   (View pdf)
 PART XIV. Uniform Construction Code
    Chapter 401. Uniform Construction Code Training and Certification of Code Administrators   (View pdf)
    Chapter 403. Administration   (View pdf)
    Chapter 405. Elevators and Other Lifting Devices   (View pdf)
 PART XV. Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    Chapter 501. Registration of Sign Language Interpreters and Transliterators   (View pdf)

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