PART I. Public Utility Commission
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 1. Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3. Special Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5. Formal Proceedings   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Carriers of Passengers or Property
    Chapter 21. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 23. Tariffs for Common Carriers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 27. Air Transportation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 29. Motor Carriers of Passengers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 30. Medallion Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 31. Motor Carrier Property Transportation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 32. Motor Carrier Insurance   (View pdf)
    Chapter 33. Railroad Transportation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 35. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 37. Safety Code for Transportation of Property and Passengers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 39. Brokers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 41. General Orders, Policy Statement and Guidelines onTransportation Utilities   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Fixed Service Utilities
    Chapter 51. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 53. Tariffs for Noncommon Carriers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 54. Electricity Generation Customer Choice   (View pdf)
    Chapter 55. Noncarrier Rates and Practices   (View pdf)
    Chapter 56. Standards and Billing Practices for Residential UtilityService   (View pdf)
    Chapter 57. Electric Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 58. Residential Low Income Usage Reduction Programs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 59. Gas Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 60. Natural Gas Transportation Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 61. Steam Heating Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 62. Natural Gas Supply Customer Choice   (View pdf)
    Chapter 63. Telephone Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 64. Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Telephone Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 65. Water Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 67. Service Outages   (View pdf)
    Chapter 69. General Orders, Policy Statements and Guidelines on Fixed Utilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 71. Financial Reports   (View pdf)
    Chapter 73. Annual Depreciation Reports, Service Life Studies andCapital Investment Plans   (View pdf)
    Chapter 74. Perfection of Security Interests in Intangible TransitionProperty   (View pdf)
    Chapter 75. Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Consumer Affairs
    Chapter 91. Consumer Advisory Council   (View pdf)
    Chapter 92. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 93. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Public Utility Security Planning and Readiness
    Chapter 101. Public Utility Preparedness through Self Certification   (View pdf)
    Chapter 102. Confidential Security Information   (View pdf)
  Subpart F. Competitive Markets
    Chapter 111. Marketing and Sales Practices for the Retail Residential Energy Market   (View pdf)
  Subpart G. Distribution System Improvement Charge
    Chapter 121. Long-Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan   (View pdf)
 PART II. Philadelphia Parking Authority
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 1001. Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1002. Advisory Committee   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1003. Special Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1005. Formal Proceedings   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Taxicabs
    Chapter 1011. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1013. Medallion Taxicabs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1015. Partial-Rights Taxicabs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1017. Vehicle and Equipment Requirements   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1019. Dispatchers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1021. Taxicab Drivers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1025. Insurance Required   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1027. Sale of Rights   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1029. Brokers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1030. Taxicab Rates   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Limousines
    Chapter 1051. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1053. Standard Classifications of Limousine Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1055. Vehicles and Equipment Requirements   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1057. Limousine Drivers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1059. Applications and Sale of Rights   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1061. Brokers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1063. Tariffs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1065. Insurance Required   (View pdf)

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