PART I. Department of Human Services
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 9. Regulatory Document Information System   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Rights
    Chapter 10. General Provisions [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 11. Fiscal Advocacy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 13. Use of Restraints in Treating Patients/Residents   (View pdf)
    Chapter 14. Abuse of Patients/Residents   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Licensing/Approval
    Chapter 20. Licensure or Approval of Facilities and Agencies   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Hearings and Appeals
    Chapter 30. Licensure or Approval Appeal Procedures [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 41. Medical Assistance Provider Appeal Procedures   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Home and Community-based Services
    Chapter 51. Office of Developmental Programs Home and Community-based Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 52. Long-term Living Home and Community-based Services   (View pdf)
 PART II. Public Assistance Manual
  Subpart A. Assistance Policies and Procedures
    Chapter 100. Statements of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 101. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 103. Definitions [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 105. Safeguarding Information   (View pdf)
    Chapter 107. Nondiscrimination   (View pdf)
    Chapter 108. Family Violence and TANF and GA General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 109. Audits   (View pdf)
    Chapter 111. Quality Control   (View pdf)
    Chapter 113. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Intake and Redetermination
    Chapter 121. General Intake and Redetermination Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 123. Definitions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 125. Application Process   (View pdf)
    Chapter 127. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 129. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 131. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 133. Redetermining Eligibility   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Eligibility Requirements
    Chapter 140. Special MA Eligibility Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 141. General Eligibility Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 142. Monthly Reporting   (View pdf)
    Chapter 143. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 145. Age   (View pdf)
    Chapter 147. Residence   (View pdf)
    Chapter 148. MA Residence Provisions for Categorically Needy NMP MA and MNO-MA   (View pdf)
    Chapter 149. Citizenship and Alienage   (View pdf)
    Chapter 150. Citizenship and Alienage Provisions for Categorically Needy NMP-MA and MNO-MA   (View pdf)
    Chapter 151. Specified Relatives   (View pdf)
    Chapter 153. Deprivation of Support or Care   (View pdf)
    Chapter 155. Enumeration   (View pdf)
    Chapter 161. Persons in Institutions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 163. Guardians and Trustees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 165. Road to Economic Self-Sufficiency Through Employment and Training (RESET) Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 166. Employment and Community Work Experience Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 167. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 168. Child Care   (View pdf)
    Chapter 169. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Determination of Need and Amount of Assistance
    Chapter 171. Budget Group Provisions for AFDC/GA   (View pdf)
    Chapter 175. Allowances and Benefits   (View pdf)
    Chapter 177. Resources   (View pdf)
    Chapter 178. Resource Provisions for Categorically NMP-MA and MNO-MA   (View pdf)
    Chapter 179. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 181. Income Provisions for Categorically Needy NMP-MA and MNO-MA   (View pdf)
    Chapter 183. Income   (View pdf)
    Chapter 187. Support from Relatives Not Living with the Client   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Verification Process
    Chapter 201. General Verification Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 205. Steps in Verification   (View pdf)
  Subpart F. Disbursements
    Chapter 225. Basic Authorization   (View pdf)
    Chapter 227. Central Office Disbursement   (View pdf)
    Chapter 229. County Disbursement   (View pdf)
    Chapter 231. Checks Requiring Special Handling   (View pdf)
    Chapter 233. Proration and Conversion   (View pdf)
  Subpart G. Restitution and Reimbursement
    Chapter 255. Restitution   (View pdf)
    Chapter 257. Reimbursement   (View pdf)
    Chapter 258. Medical Assistance Estate Recovery   (View pdf)
    Chapter 259. Third-Party Liability   (View pdf)
  Subpart H. Appeal and Fair Hearing
    Chapter 273. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 275. Appeal and Fair Hearing and AdministrativeDisqualification Hearings   (View pdf)
  Subpart I. Other Income Maintenance Programs
    Chapter 281. Time-Out Benefits   (View pdf)
    Chapter 283. Payment for Burial and Cremation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 285. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 287. Payment for Child Care   (View pdf)
    Chapter 289. Emergency Assistance   (View pdf)
    Chapter 291. Protective and Vendor Payments   (View pdf)
    Chapter 293. Assistance Provided to Refugees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 295. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 297. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 299. Supplemental Security Income Program and State Supplementary Payment Program   (View pdf)
  Subpart K. Blind Persons
    Chapter 451. State Blind Pension   (View pdf)
  Subpart L. Food Stamp Program
    Chapter 501. Food Stamp Discretionary Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 505. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 507. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 515. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 517. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 519. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 521. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 523. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 525. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 527. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 541. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 543. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 544. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 545. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 551. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 561. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 598. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 599. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart M. Home Energy Assistance
    Chapter 601. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program   (View pdf)
  Subpart N. [Reserved]
    Chapter 901. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
 PART III. Medical Assistance Manual
    Chapter 1101. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1102. Shared Health Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1121. Pharmaceutical Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1123. Medical Supplies   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1126. Ambulatory Surgical Center Services and Hospital Short Procedure Unit Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1127. Birth Center Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1128. Renal Dialysis Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1129. Rural Health Clinic Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1130. Hospice Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1140. Healthy Beginnings Plus Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1141. Physicians’ Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1142. Midwives’ Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1143. Podiatrists’ Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1144. Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1145. Chiropractors’ Services    (View pdf)
    Chapter 1147. Optometrists’ Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1149. Dentists’ Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1150. MA Program Payment Policies   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1151. Inpatient Psychiatric Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1153. Outpatient Psychiatric Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1163. Inpatient Hospital Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1181. Nursing Facility Care   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1187. Nursing Facility Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1189. County Nursing Facility Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1221. Clinic and Emergency Room Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1223. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Clinic Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1225. Family Planning Clinic Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1229. Health Maintenance Organization Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1230. Portable X-ray Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1241. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1243. Outpatient Laboratory Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1245. Ambulance Transportation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1247. Targeted Case Management Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1249. Home Health Agency Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1251. Funeral Directors’ Services   (View pdf)
 PART IV. Adult Services Manual
  Subpart A. General Provisions [Reserved]
  Subpart B. Eligibility for Services
    Chapter 2050. Eligibility for Services Funded Through the Adult Services Block Grant   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2060. Eligibility for Refugee and Cuban/Haitian Social Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2070. Eligibility for Services Funded through the PublicAssistance Transportation Block Grant   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Administration and Fiscal Management [Reserved]
  Subpart D. Nonresidential Agencies/Facilities/Services
    Chapter 2380. Adult Training Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2390. Vocational Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2430. Business Enterprises Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2440. Social Casework Services Program [Reserved]    (View pdf)
    Chapter 2450. Rehabilitation Teaching Program   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Residential Agencies/Facilities/Services
    Chapter 2600. Personal Care Homes   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2610. Foster Home Care Services for Adults   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2620. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 2800. Assisted Living Residences   (View pdf)
 PART V. Children, Youth and Families Manual
  Subpart A. General Provisions [Reserved]
  Subpart B. Eligibility for Services
    Chapter 3040. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3041. Subsidized Child Care Eligiblilty   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Administration and Fiscal Management
   Article I. [Reserved]
   Article II. County-Administered Services
    Chapter 3130. Administration of County Children and Youth SocialService Programs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3140. Planning and Financial Reimbursement Requirements for County Children and Youth Social Service Programs   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3150. Grants to Counties for New Social Services for Children and Youth   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3170. Allowable Costs and Procedures for County Children and Youth Social Service Programs   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Nonresidential Agencies, Facilities and Services
   Article I. Licensing/Approval
    Chapter 3270. Child Day Care Centers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3280. Group Child Day Care Homes   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3290. Family Child Day Care Homes   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3300. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3350. Adoption Services   (View pdf)
   Article II. Purchasing [Reserved]
   Article III. County-Administered Services
    Chapter 3480. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3490. Protective Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3500. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3510. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3520. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
   Article IV. Demonstration Projects
    Chapter 3620. Demonstration Projects for Child Day Care Services [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Residential Agencies, Facilities and Services
   Article I. Licensing/Approval
    Chapter 3680. Administration and Operation of a Children and Youth Social Service Agency   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3700. Foster Family Care Agency   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3710. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3760. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3800. Child Residential and Day Treatment Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3810. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
 PART VI. Mental Health/Intellectual Disability/Autism Manual
  Subpart A. Statements of Policy
    Chapter 4000. Foster Care   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Administration and Fiscal Management
    Chapter 4200. County Board and Program Administration   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4205. Program Administration [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4210. Description of Services and Service Areas   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4215. Annual Plan and Estimate of Expenditures   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4220. Reimbursement for Medications   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4225. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4226. Early Intervention Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4230. Waiver of Service   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4300. County Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Fiscal Manual   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4305. Liability for Community Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 4310. Client Liability—State MH/ID Facilities   (View pdf)
    Chapters 4315 to 4395. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Nonresidential Agencies/Facilities/Services [Reserved]
  Subpart E. Residential Agencies/Facilities/Services [Reserved]
 PART VII. Mental Health Manual
  Subpart C. Administration and Fiscal Management
    Chapter 5100. Mental Health Procedures   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Nonresidential Agencies/Facilities/Services
    Chapter 5200. Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5210. Partial Hospitalization   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5221. Mental Health Intensive Case Management   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5230. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Residential Agencies/Facilities/Services
    Chapter 5300. Private Psychiatric Hospitals   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5310. Community Residential Rehabilitation Services for the Mentally Ill   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5320. Requirements for Long-Term Structured Residence Licensure   (View pdf)
 PART VIII. Intellectual Disability and Autism Manual
  Subpart A. Statements of Policy
    Chapter 6000. Statements of Policy   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Eligibility for Services [Reserved]
  Subpart C. Administration and Fiscal Management
    Chapter 6200. Room and Board Charges   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6201. County Intellectual Disability Services   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6210. Participation Requirements for the Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectual Disability Program   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6211. Allowable Cost Reimbursement for Non-State Operated Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6250. Commitment and Admission Procedures for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Nonresidential Agencies/Facilities/Services
   Article I. Licensing/Approval [Reserved]
   Article II. Funding
    Chapter 6350. Family Resource Services   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Residential Agencies/Facilities/Services
   Article I. Licensing/Approval
    Chapter 6400. Community Homes for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6401. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6500. Family Living Homes   (View pdf)
    Chapter 6600. Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability   (View pdf)

Cross References

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