PART I. State Athletic Commission
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 3. Appointed Officials   (View pdf)
    Chapter 5. Tickets, Postponements and Cancellations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 7. Recognition of Suspensions, Disqualifications and Retirements Imposed by Other Authorities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 9. Relations with Affiliates   (View pdf)
    Chapter 11. Safety of Event Premises   (View pdf)
    Chapter 13. Bonds and Fees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 15. Prohibited Drug Testing   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Boxing
    Chapter 21. Professional Boxing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 23. Amateur Boxing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 25. Professional Kickboxing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 27. Amateur Kickboxing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 29. Mixed Martial Arts   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Wrestling
    Chapter 31. Professional Wrestling   (View pdf)
    Chapter 33. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Athletic Agents
    Chapter 41. Athletic Agents—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
 PART II. Fish and Boat Commission
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 51. Administrative Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 53. Commission Property   (View pdf)
    Chapter 55. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 57. Statements of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 59. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Fishing
    Chapter 61. Seasons, Sizes and Creel Limits   (View pdf)
    Chapter 63. General Fishing Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 65. Special Fishing Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 67. Nursery Waters   (View pdf)
    Chapter 69. Fishing in Lake Erie and Boundary Lakes   (View pdf)
    Chapter 70. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 71. Propagation and Introduction of Fish into Commonwealth Waters   (View pdf)
    Chapter 73. Transportation of Live Fish into this Commonwealth   (View pdf)
    Chapter 75. Endangered Species   (View pdf)
    Chapter 77. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 79. Reptiles and Amphibians   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Boating
    Chapter 91. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 93. Boat Registration and Numbering   (View pdf)
    Chapter 95. Manufacturer Installed Equipment   (View pdf)
    Chapter 97. Operator Provided Equipment   (View pdf)
    Chapter 99. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 99a. Capacity Plates   (View pdf)
    Chapter 101. Boating Accidents   (View pdf)
    Chapter 103. Rules of the Road   (View pdf)
    Chapter 105. Operational Conditions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 107. Boating Restrictions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 109. Specialty Boats and Waterskiing Activities   (View pdf)
    Chapter 111. Special Regulations Counties   (View pdf)
    Chapter 113. Aids to Navigation and Obstructions to Navigation   (View pdf)
    Chapter 115. Boats Carrying Passengers for Hire   (View pdf)
    Chapter 117. Boat Rental Businesses   (View pdf)
    Chapter 119. Motorboat Noise Control   (View pdf)
 PART III. Game Commission
    Chapter 131. Preliminary Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 133. Wildlife Classification   (View pdf)
    Chapter 135. Lands and Buildings   (View pdf)
    Chapter 137. Wildlife   (View pdf)
    Chapter 139. Seasons and Bag Limits   (View pdf)
    Chapter 141. Hunting and Trapping   (View pdf)
    Chapter 143. Hunting and Furtaker Licenses   (View pdf)
    Chapter 145. Hearing Procedures   (View pdf)
    Chapter 147. Special Permits   (View pdf)
    Chapter 147a. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 147b. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
 PART IV. Horse Racing Commission
    Chapter 161. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 163. Rules of Racing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 165. Administrative Rules   (View pdf)
    Chapter 167. Simulcasting   (View pdf)
    Chapter 169. Telephone Account Wagering   (View pdf)
    Chapter 171. Nonprimary Locations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 173. Common Pool Wagering   (View pdf)
 PART V. Harness Racing Commission
    Chapter 181. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 183. Rules of Racing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 185. Administrative Rules   (View pdf)
    Chapter 186. Simulcasting   (View pdf)
    Chapter 187. Telephone Account Wagering   (View pdf)
    Chapter 188. Drug Use and Testing   (View pdf)
    Chapter 189. Nonprimary Locations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 190. Common Pool Wagering   (View pdf)
 PART VI. Arts
    Chapter 301. Pennsylvania Council on the Arts   (View pdf)
 PART VII. Gaming Control Board
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 401. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 401a. Preliminary Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 403. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 403a. Board Operations and Organizations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 405. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 405a. Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement   (View pdf)
    Chapter 407. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 407a. Public Access to Board Files   (View pdf)
  Subpart B. Licensing, Permitting, Certification and Registration
    Chapter 421. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 421a. General Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 421b. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 423. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 423a. Applications; Statement of Conditions; Wagering Restrictions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 425. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 425a. Licensed Entity Representatives   (View pdf)
    Chapter 427. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 427a. Manufacturers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 429. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 429a. Manufacturer Designees   (View pdf)
    Chapter 431. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 431a. Supplier Licenses   (View pdf)
    Chapter 433. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 433a. Principal Licenses   (View pdf)
    Chapter 435. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 435a. Key, Gaming and Nongaming Employees; Board-Issued Credentials   (View pdf)
    Chapter 436. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 436a. Horsemen’s Organizations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 436b. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 437. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 437a. Gaming Service Provider Certification and Registration   (View pdf)
    Chapter 438. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 438a. Labor Organizations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 439. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 439a. Junket Enterprises   (View pdf)
    Chapter 439b. Gaming Junket Representatives—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 440. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 440a. Management Companies   (View pdf)
  Subpart C. Slot Machine Licensing
    Chapter 441. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 441a. Slot Machine Licenses   (View pdf)
    Chapter 443. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 443a. Trusteeship   (View pdf)
  Subpart D. Recordkeeping
    Chapter 451. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 451a. Recordkeeping Requirements   (View pdf)
  Subpart E. Slot Machine, Table Game and Associated Equipment Testing and Control; Accounting and Internal Controls
    Chapter 461. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 461a. Slot Machine and Table Game Device Testing and Control   (View pdf)
    Chapter 461b. Technical Standards—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 463. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 463a. Possession of Slot Machines, Electronic Wagering Terminals and Fully Automated Electronic Gaming Tables   (View pdf)
    Chapter 464a. Slot Machine Tournaments   (View pdf)
    Chapter 465. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 465a. Accounting and Internal Controls   (View pdf)
    Chapter 465b. Technical Standards—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 466. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 466a. Slot Computer Systems   (View pdf)
    Chapter 466b. Technical Standards—Statement of Policy   (View pdf)
    Chapter 467. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 467a. Commencement of Slot and Table Game Operations   (View pdf)
  Subpart F. Fees
    Chapter 471. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 471a. Fees   (View pdf)
  Subpart G. Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises
    Chapter 481. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 481a. Diversity   (View pdf)
  Subpart H. Practice and Procedure
    Chapter 491. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 491a. General Rules of Practice   (View pdf)
    Chapter 492. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 493. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 493a. Pleadings   (View pdf)
    Chapter 494. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 494a. Hearing Procedure   (View pdf)
    Chapter 495. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 495a. Documentary Filings   (View pdf)
    Chapter 497. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 497a. Time   (View pdf)
    Chapter 499. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 499a. Representation Before the Board   (View pdf)
  Subpart I. Compulsive and Problem Gambling
    Chapter 501. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 501a. Compulsive and Problem Gambling Requirements   (View pdf)
    Chapter 503. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 503a. Self-Exclusion   (View pdf)
    Chapter 503b. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
  Subpart J. Exclusion of Persons
    Chapter 511. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 511a. Persons Required to be Excluded   (View pdf)
    Chapter 513. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 513a. Underage Gaming   (View pdf)
  Subpart K. Table Games
    Chapter 521. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 523. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 524. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 525. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 526. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 527. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 528. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 529. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 531. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 533. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 535. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 537. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 539. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 541. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 543. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 545. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 549. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 551. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 553. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 555. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 557. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 559. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 561. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 563. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 565. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 567. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 569. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 571. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 573. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 575. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 577. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 579. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 581. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 583. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 585. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 587. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 588. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 589. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 590. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 591. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 592. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 593. [Reserved]   (View pdf)
    Chapter 601a. General Table Game Provisions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 603a. Table Game Equipment   (View pdf)
    Chapter 605a. Electronic Gaming Tables   (View pdf)
    Chapter 607a. Possession of Table Games and Table Game Devices   (View pdf)
    Chapter 609a. Credit   (View pdf)
    Chapter 611a. Table Game Minimum Training Standards   (View pdf)
    Chapter 613a. Gaming Related Gaming Service Providers   (View pdf)
    Chapter 615a. Conditional Table Game Device Licenses   (View pdf)
    Chapter 617a. Roulette   (View pdf)
    Chapter 619a. Big Six Wheel   (View pdf)
    Chapter 621a. Pai Gow   (View pdf)
    Chapter 623a. Craps and Mini-Craps   (View pdf)
    Chapter 625a. Sic Bo   (View pdf)
    Chapter 627a. Minibaccarat   (View pdf)
    Chapter 629a. Midibaccarat   (View pdf)
    Chapter 631a. Baccarat   (View pdf)
    Chapter 633a. Blackjack   (View pdf)
    Chapter 635a. Spanish 21   (View pdf)
    Chapter 637a. Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 639a. Caribbean Stud Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 641a. Four Card Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 643a. Let It Ride Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 645a. Pai Gow Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 647a. Texas Hold ’Em Bonus Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 649a. Three Card Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 651a. Casino War   (View pdf)
    Chapter 653a. Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 655a. Mississippi Stud   (View pdf)
    Chapter 657a. Crazy 4 Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 659a. Fortune Asia Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 661a. Three Dice Football   (View pdf)
    Chapter 663a. Five Card Hi-Lo   (View pdf)
    Chapter 665a. Double Attack Blackjack   (View pdf)
    Chapter 668a. Props & Hops   (View pdf)
    Chapter 669a. Raise It Up Stud Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 670a. Six-Card Fortune Pai Gow Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 671a. Lunar Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 672a. Free Bet Blackjack   (View pdf)
    Chapter 673a. Double Back Jack   (View pdf)
    Chapter 674a. Criss-Cross Poker   (View pdf)
    Chapter 675a. High Roll Dice   (View pdf)
    Chapter 676a. Go Fore It   (View pdf)
    Chapter 677a. World Poker Tour Heads-Up Hold ’Em   (View pdf)
    Chapter 678a. High Card Flush   (View pdf)
    Chapter 679a. Three Card Prime   (View pdf)
    Chapter 680a. Saigon 5 Card   (View pdf)
    Chapter 681a. 21 Baccarat   (View pdf)
    Chapter 682a. Four Card Prime   (View pdf)
    Chapter 683a. Cajun Stud   (View pdf)
  Subpart L. Interactive Gaming
    Chapter 801. General Interactive Gaming Provisions—Temporary Regu-lations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 802. Interactive Gaming Certificates—Temporary Regulations    (View pdf)
    Chapter 803. Interactive Gaming Operators—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 804. Qualified Gaming Entity—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 805. Interactive Gaming Manufacturer—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 806. Interactive Gaming Supplier—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 807. Interactive Gaming Service Providers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 808. Interactive Gaming Principals and Key, Gaming and Non- gaming Employees—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 809. Interactive Gaming Platform Requirements—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 810. Interactive Gaming Testing and Controls—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 811. Interactive Gaming Accounting and Internal Controls— Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 812. Interactive Gaming Player Accounts—Temporary Regula- tions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 813. Interactive Gaming Advertisements, Promotions and Tournaments—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 814. Compulsive and Problem Gambling Requirements— Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 815. Interactive Gaming Self-Excluded Persons—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 817. Interactive Gaming Live Studio—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 818. Interactive Gaming Commencement of Operations— Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 830. Multiuse Computing Device Gaming Provisions— Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
  Subpart M. Casino Simulcasting
    Chapter 1001. Casino Simulcasting—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
  Subpart N. Video Gaming
    Chapter 1101. Video Gaming Generally—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1102. Terminal Operator Licensees—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1103. Establishment Licensees—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1104. Principals—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1105. Key Employees—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1106. Suppliers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1107. Manufacturers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1108. Gaming Service Providers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1109. Occupation Permits—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1110. Applications Generally—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1111. License Terms and Renewals—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1112. Video Gaming Terminal, Redemption Terminal and Associated Equipment Testing and Certification—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1113. Possession of Video Gaming Terminals—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1114. Accounting and Internal Controls—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1115. Record Retention—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1116. Conduct of Video Gaming—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1117. Video Terminal Placement Agreements—Temporary Regu- lations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1118. Compulsive and Problem Gaming—Temporary Regula- tions   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1119. Self-Exclusion—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1120. Exclusion of Persons from Video Gaming—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
  Subpart O. Fantasy Contests
    Chapter 1201. Fantasy Contests Generally—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1202. Application Requirements—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1203. Application Process—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1204. Fantasy Contests Licenses—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1205. Fantasy Contests—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1206. Accounting and Internal Controls—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1207. Advertising—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1208. Compulsive and Problem Gambling—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1209. Self-exclusion—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
  Subpart Q. Sports Wagering
    Chapter 1401. General Sports Wagering Provisions—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1402. Sports Wagering Operations—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1403. Sports Wagering Manufacturer—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1404. Sports Wagering Supplier—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1405. Sports Wagering Gaming Service Providers—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1406. Sports Wagering Principals and Key, Gaming and Nongaming Employees—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1407. Sports Wagering Testing and Controls—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1408. Sports Wagering Accounting and Internal Controls— Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1409. Sports Wagering Advertisements, Promotions and Tournaments—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1410. Sports Wagering Compulsive and Problem Gambling Requirements—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)
    Chapter 1411. Sports Wagering Self-Excluded Persons—Temporary Regulations   (View pdf)

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